Wednesday, 30 April 2014

No Tier Gear

So at this point of time it seems like there will be no gear in raid finder once Warlords of Draenor comes out. Well I should say no tier gear, but we all know that tier gear is the only gear that counts in raiding.

My journey in wow has been a long one. I have been playing since Classic wow. And what I've saw in terms of reward from raiding is this: End of storyline and tier gear. Unfortunately for me raiding was not accessible to me until Mists of Pandaria. Technically Cataclysm when LFR first came out but I was rather worried to step into something that I was told had such a bad environment. So for me it feels like I'm having this accessibility ripped away from me, at least in part.

I want to see the gear and be able to have a good looking set of gear. Taking tier bonus' away just takes away the feeling of high end gear.

Why do I need it if I'm not going to raid higher? You are right I don't. But that is not the point. Besides why does a normal level raider need tier gear? Could they not get the valor gear from the four different rep grinds and enter into Normal Mogu'shan Vaults and progress from there? I mean the tier gear in LFR was the lowest level gear, and it got better as you increased difficulty level.

Speaking of difficulty level, I have heard several people use the reasoning that you need to have motivation to move up to higher difficulty levels. Well I disagree. If I am fine with LFR level is that not my right? Why does it hinder someone else if I only want to or can only raid LFR? I don't hear people criticising people for playing different levels in say Diablo or Madden or Call of Duty? There is a reason for having different difficulty levels, so different people can have access to a game.

Only reason I can see for this change? To appease the elitist raiders that don't want casual players to raid.

In any case whatever happens I will have to make the best of the raiding landscape come Warlords of Draenor.


  1. "Only reason I can see for this change? To appease the elitist raiders that don't want casual players to raid." We have a winner. These are the same people who unsub when they complete a raid tier while waiting for a new patch with a new raid and then dare to say it's the casuals who do way more than just raid are the ones who unsub and wait for content to be outdated.